DHE Training

DHE Training Equation:  Preparation + Opportunity = Success


Dream Hoops Elite training provides a high energy, elite, knowledgeable and competitive atmosphere.  DHE Skills Training is one of the most effective methods of training for players looking to take their game to the next level both mentally and physically.  DHE specializes in all basketball fundamentals and principles both offensively and defensively, gametime situations, movement with and without the basketball.

Group Session:  3-6 player max. per group.  Group session rate is $25.00 per session.  (1hr 15min. session length).

Individual Session:  1-3 player max. (1-2hr. session length).  Please contact us for more information.

**Please be on time (10min prior to session start).  Proper warm up & stretching are key to having a great workout.  Bring ball & water.